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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : Université Paris Cité

Prearrival services

In terms of information-communication, students have access to information on the university’s website, in order to prepare their international mobility; all pedagogical, administrative, financial and logistical aspects are made explicit. As a support, a guide for international students have been produced for them. At foreign student’s arrival, an Integration Week is organized. The intensive French language and civilization course, pre-semester is open to all incoming students.

Languages courses

A language preparation is available through the Language Resource Centre with 400 self-service computers, which offers self-study modules and supervised sessions with a language instructor. Students and staff can learn German, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Vietnamese.


Université Paris Cité offers a limited accommodation offer to incoming students, taking into account the Parisian situation and the cost of living in Paris.


A welcome and information meeting is organized by the International Relation Office at the beginning of new semester, and also in each component of the university. The International Relation Office has set up a sponsorship program between Université Paris Cité students and incoming students. Many events are organized and offered by the International Relation Office and in connection with student associations to all students in study mobility. An intensive course in French language and civilization is offered to all students on an exchange program. At the institutional level, the university organizes a Day of Reception and Associative for all new students arriving at the university, from the second week of September.

Special needs support

Students with disabilities are regularly encouraged to undertake international. A special guide has been published for them be the Disability Unit.

Access to culture and sport

At Université Paris Cité, every effort is made to ensure that students become actors in civil society and citizens. Université Paris Cité offers free sports courses in the 1st or 2nd semester, validated in your curriculum; a personal training with physical, sports and artistic activities; events around sport and its values. Université Paris Cité offers free cultural events, workshops for artistic practices, supports personal or collective amateur projects, informs students about current cultural events. Every year, the cultural department selects nearly 50 shows at negotiated rates to obtain prime placements in the best venues in the Paris Region on presentation of a student card.


Prof. Anne-Claude CAMPROUX
Life Sciences Department

Prof. Olivier TABOUREAU
Life Sciences Department